сontemporary art charity weekend

16 photo credit Moscow

at Tilda Lovi‘s International Interdisciplinary Studio of Contemporary Art at Design Center ArtPlay


with CoolCoz



Program Saturday and Sunday 9th and 10th of February 2013 at ArtPlay

reportage, Radio Voice of Russia

11 Master classes in contemporary arts with Tilda Lovi, Christina Pavlovskaya, Irina Gratsinskaya, Rita Haso, Vera Shankova, Maria Ushakova, Nathan Smith, Elena Sakirko, Maria Sakirko; Lubov Grin, Artur Makarov Theater and Alexey Levshin.


SPECIAL DINNER ON SUNDAY with Maria Ushakova, Les Recettes D’Arthur and Phil Akter (Donatien de Rochambeau).



  • 1. 11.30-13.00: Pour l’Amour de l’Art. (Children 3-8 age) with Tilda Lovi, and her assistant Vera Shankova. Русский, Français, English, Deutsch, Portuguese do Brasil.
  • 2. 13.15-14.15: Useless things or demontage-assemblage (children aged 5-10 years, families) with Christina Pavlovskaya. Русский, English.
  • 3. 14.30-15.30: Eyes at your fingertips (Blind sculpture) with Tilda Lovi and a Russian Sculptor (children aged 5 and more, families.) Русский, Français, English, Deutsch, Portuguese do Brasil.
  • 4. 15.45-16.45: Singing in Poetry (families, children from 5 years onwards) with Maria Ushakova. Русский, Français, English.
  • 5. 16.45-18.15: Pour l’Amour de l’Art (families, children from 5 years onwards) with Tilda Lovi.
  • 6. 18.30-19.30: The roots of animation with Elena Sakirko (family groups, children 5 years old and older) Русский, Français, English, Deutsch, Espanol.



  • 7. 11.00-12.00: Contemporary Photography with Maria Sakirko and Lubov Grin. Русский, English, Deutsch.
  • 8. 12.15-13.15: The colour inside me (monotype collage on plastic) with Rita Haso. (children 5 -10 years of age) abstract painting. Русский.
  • 9. 13.30-14.30: The light of the word, poetry + illustration with Irina Gratsinkaya ( 13 years of age and older) Русский, Français.
  • 10. 15.00-17.30: Interactive theater with Arthur Makarov Theater group and Alexey Levshin (children from 4 years of age) Русский, Français, English.
  • 11. 17.45-19.30: FRIENDLY DINNER with Maria Ushakova, Les Recettes d’Arthur, et Phil Akter (Donatien de Rochambeau). Русский, Français, English


Please sign up in advance to make sure there is space for you on a master class.
All inclusive.
Please bring a spare pair of shoes.







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