master-class d’Alexei Shpakovski

blind sculpture

Master-class, by Alexej Shpakovskiy, new teacher of sculpture at Tilda Clovis studio in Design Center ArtPlay.
Your hands can see! Discover your secret talent with blind sculpture, from a research of Tilda Lovi’s method. Master-class directed by a great Russian sculptor! Clay, papier-mâché, original techniques.

Russian, English.

children from 10 y.o. and adults.

fees: 1000 RUB (special offer). All included (professional material). Just bring your photo-camera and light shoes.

subscription and information:
tel. +7 495 916 76 70, +7 916 822 09 42
(Julie, assistant of Tilda Lovi, Russian, English, French).



2 thoughts on “master-class d’Alexei Shpakovski

    • Спасибо, Татьяна! Новый сезон студии уже открылся в Москве. Информацию мы Вам послали из почты студии.

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