autoportrait / collage, atelier de Tilda Lovi ‘Pour l’amour de l’art’

self-portrait in collage

«Recognize yourself», workshop for children and mums



Тilda Lovi and her ArtStudio Pour l’Amour de l’Art invite you, small and big art-lovers, children and mums, to a workshop of collage (6 hours), to create of your own portrait with my original techniques. You will realize your self-portrait, after looking in the mirror and shooting photographies, like a professional artist! But you don’t need to know anything about artistic techniques! You just have to follow me and I’ll show you that labyrinths are made to help you to find the right way, and not to loose yourself! The result will be amazing! you will enjoy it! and everybody will recognize you…


You just need to bring with you: a mirror to put in front of you on the table, a simple camera (your phone is enough), nice magazines with nice colorful pictures, scissors, and glue.

  •  limited group, only on reservation



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+7 (495) 628 74 83 / +7 (917) 550 79 47 (Tilda)

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