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Tilda Lovi lives and works in Paris and in Moscow

Tilda Lovi Art Studio




French visual artist and professional sculptor, Tilda Lovi has been exhibiting her sculptures and paintings on canvas and on paper, and her large format photos and installations, in France and abroad, for 15 years. Her works have been sought after by museums and private collectors (in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the USA), and some of her works have been acquired by private collections in Russia, after a personal exhibition at the Aidan Gallery in Moscow.

Tilda Lovi imported in 2006 from Paris to Moscow a new and original Studio of Contemporary Art for children, Pour l’Amour de l’Art. After a successful exhibition of young artist’s works at the French Cultural Center (French Institute), the studio was invited in 2007 at the Russian National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA), for workshops in a large professional art place. After several projects and exhibitions of the Studio in Russia, Tilda Lovi went back to France and now lives and works between Paris and Moscow, where her studio became popular to art-lovers.

5Tilda Lovi, digital photo, Moscow, 2014

The artist’s teaching approach, product of several years of research and experience, has been well tested in France and elsewhere. It has inspired many exhibitions of Contemporary Art with the participation of children in artistic projects in France, Germany and Russia.

The studio welcomes children from 4-13 years old, adults, and families. Tilda speaks French, but also English, Russian, German and Portuguese (Brazil).  The spontaneous immersion into the world of Contemporary art through this original method helps the participant to use his own language, artistic, without any emotional or linguistic barrier.

13Collage, self-portrait

11Painted cardboard, mixed techniques, Monsters. Jonathan, 4 years

The pedagogic approach and the  ”handmade”  programs of the French artist are in closely relationship with all aspects of mental and emotional intelligences of the participants. The main important is the power of imagination and creativity, not the ability to repeat of copy, that is too limitative. This pedagogical method, that appeals more to psychology and intuitive analysis, to the roots of mental geography (concept of the artist) with sometimes unexpected developments, wants to open larger the spectra of the world around us, in order to understand it better. Offer to the hands and the eyes of the participant essential keys to French aesthetic, in order to help him to find the one of its own, that is the first aim to reach!



cosmos, gouache and collage, Jonathan, 5 years


Jonathan, Cécilia and Kvitka at work

The qualities required are: «In the process of discovery of Contemporary Art, to be aware of the world, of oneself and of one’s companions – awareness that is a constant innate quality of childhood, when we are constantly making discoveries about the world and about ourselves».


Sea landscape, gouache, collage


Kolobok goes to Paris, collage

Discovering the «geography of the mind» that each human being makes use of in his relationship with the world around him, this approach, with techniques adapted specially for art-lovers, involves the widest range of modes of contemporary art – sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, modeling, digital photography, etc.

Artistic expression by «sight, feeling and touch». The art is two- or three-dimensional. The fourth dimension is that of the soul, in the wonder of childhood.


Cat-armchair with bird, green clay


Swan on the lake, green clay

studio 12008, National Center for Contemporary art, Moscow

studio22008, National Center for Contemporary art, Moscow




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