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International Contemporary Art Studio for Children and eternal children (adults)

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International Contemporary Art studio for children (from 4 y.o)., and eternal children (adults). Directed by Tilda Lovi (founder), French sculptor. Tilda Lovi lives and works in Paris, in Moscow and in Bretagne (West coast of France). She works with children and adults since 15 years, essentially in France, Germany and Russia. She speaks French, English, German, Russian and Portuguese (from Brazil). Personal and collective exhibitions in France, Europe, USA, Russia. Her works are in private collections and Museums (sculptures, Ink-drawing, paintings and photographies).

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child…”


Contemporary art. Original method created by the artist. 2 and 3 dimensions visual art. Painting-sculpture-collage-assemblage-photography-poetry-writing-illustration-original approach of history of arts. Courses, master-classes, workshops, installations and exhibitions of children’s and adults artworks.




we speak English, Deutsch, Portugues do Brasil, français, русский


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