master-classes d’Elena Sakirko / atelier


Marina, , adult__

Elena Sakirko gives art classes at Tilda Lovi Art Studio each Saturday at 7.00pm until 9pm.

Here you will learn how to create your animation film, its storyboard, from A to Z. With Elena Sakirko, talented Russian art-teacher of Tilda Lovi Art Studio.

Original method, professional material.

For all art-lovers, big and small

(from 5 y.o. with parents; children and family)

Russian, English, Deutsch, Espanol

Просмотр альбома "photo Sakirko personal"



Узнать все подробности и записаться на мастер-класс можно по телефонам студии:

+7 (917) 550 79 47 (Tilda)
(русский, English, français).




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