Georgui Pinkhassov, photo-review for art lovers

foto illustration Pinkhassov

ArtPlay, Tuesday 19th of March 19:00-21:00

With our special guest, contemporary art photograph, Georgui Pinkhassov, and the photo-teachers of the studio.

Crystal project, video by Georgy Pinkhassov

For small and big art- and photography lovers! children 8+, adults.
Bring your photographs, your beloved photo-album (maximum 40 photographs), printed on paper or just in a file on USB key. With the assistance of our teachers, the great photographer and artist Georgui Pinkhassov (Magnum Photo Agency) will consider your works and give his advices in sign of love to our studio!

Don’t miss this rare moment of sharing your love for art with a high professional and poet of contemporary photography!

participation fees

1500 rubles. Places (very) limited.

only on subscription

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