Pour l’amour de l’art, master-classes avec Tilda Lovi

Creation of self-portrait in collage

«Recognize me yourself, master-class for adults


Self-portrait on paper, format A2. Mixed techniques, drawing, painting, digital photography, papier-mâché, gouache, original material.

Just in two sessions of 4 hours each, you will realize it and learn how to create your self-portrait in an exceptional way, using an original method of the French artist! You will be “self” surprised… your friends and your family too! You absolutely don’t need to be a professional painter neither to have any know-how in visual arts… Just enter the labyrinth and follow the “Ariadne’s threat”, just apply the “receipt”. Labyrinths are done not to lose your way, but to find the good one…

Bring a mirror (that you can put standing before you on the table), fashion’s magazines with nice colorful pictures, scissors… and come in a pretty happy (or not, why not?) mood! Don’t forget to take with you a simple camera (I-Phone is enough)… The success of the adventure is guaranteed! As Picasso said to a rich woman, capricious model who couldn’t recognize herself in the portrait that he made from her (you can imagine why…): “within some years you will absolutely WANT to be identical to that portrait”! This is a good example of magic in art…

  • limited group, only on reservation

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contact & information:
+7 (917) 550 79 47 (Tilda)

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blind sculpture

blind sculpture

Master-class, by Tilda Lovi, at Tilda Lovi’s studio “Pour l’Amour de l’Art”.
Your hands can see! Discover your secret talent with blind sculpture, from a research of Tilda Lovi’s method. Master-class directed by a great Russian sculptor. Clay, papier-mâché, original techniques.

Russian, English.

adults and children from 10 y.o.

subscription and information:
+7 (917) 550 79 47 (Tilda)


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